Saturday, September 10, 2016

Top Deviant Journals Poll Results!

Readers will have been waiting with bated breath to see the results of our first go at running a poll here at the DoD.  To recall, we asked readers to weigh in on how to rank journals of Deviance, with the hope of identifying those journals we should consider “top” or, when we should be super impressed, “top notch.”

Without further ado, here are the results:

#1:  It Depends.  This, for the uninitiated, is not the name of a journal (though it really should be), but apparently our readers thought that given the radical breadth of deviance, it is unlikely that any one journal will excel in deviance, full stop.  So what journal will be best largely depends on what flavor of deviance you pursue.  (Defeats all other possibilities in a condorcet bloodbath of unimaginable proportions.)

#2:  What Happened to your Vocabulary?  Alas, this too is not a journal, but apparently a way of readers registering dismay with our use of simplistic and, we must face it, imaginatively impoverished words such as “top” and “top notch” to refer to wildly complex judgments of quality regarding journals.  Still, we think our readers are top notch for pointing this out and henceforth resolve to try to be better.

#3:  The One that Accepted my Paper.  Here we are convinced that readers are just yanking our chain.  But since they are our readers, we’re confident that any journal taking their work must indeed be the bomb.

#4:  I Like Taking Polls as a Way to Escape my Paid Work, but have no Real Opinions on This.  We were hoping to get more detail from correspondents who selected this option but before we could ask any additional questions, they had navigated away to take a Buzzfeed quiz on hipster hairdos.

#5:  I Would Like to Whack you with a Stick.  Still not an actual journal, though here too we’re thinking someone should get on that.  For now, however, let us take a moment to appreciate the Zen contingent of Deviance.  Thanks for taking our poll, Zen Deviants, and consider us whacked.

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