Thursday, September 15, 2016

DoD Re-Vamp (Spoiler Alert: We’re still not Normal!)

We here in the DoD are ever trying to expand our compass when looking to know more things.  Consequently, there’s nothing we love more than a good re-vamp.  So we’re having one. 

We’ve decided to partner with even more folks and journals who are Deviant like us.  That means Deviance will get even bigger!  And we’re going to make more forms of Deviance interlock with other forms of Deviance, so expect us to be networked across platforms of time and space and human experience.  Truly, you won’t escape us!  Stay tuned for lots of updates and more Deviance than a body can stand.

For those hoping we were going to get really adventurous and head off past where the maps end – you know, into Normal territories – sorry.  There be dragons!

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