Sunday, October 16, 2016

Job Market Mentoring: Interviewing Strategies

The DoD is delighted to announce its second installment in this year’s job market mentoring workshops.  As ever, our sessions focus on how to secure employment as a Deviant in a world gone Normal.  Our second session will feature mock interviews and we are delighted to announce that Professor Pierre Menard has agreed to reprise his now legendary performance as That Guy.  For those who missed last year’s rendition, just a few teasers:

That Guy will ask whether, despite your deviance, you can talk to Normal people, in their language and non-disruptively. 

That Guy will want to be reassured that while you will eagerly teach every single last thing not addressed in the Normal curriculum (preferably in a single course), you have no designs on the curriculum itself and are happy to have nothing you teach be required. 

That Guy will want to know whether anything you study is actually intelligible, because he read something once and didn’t think it was. 

That Guy will have some pet theory he’ll want to pursue with you, whether it be benign explanations of an exceedingly narrow canon or stories about how non-white and/or non-male people have lots of better things to do than study Normality. 

That Guy will want to make sure that if you are non-white and/or non-male, you’re not, like, an angry revolutionary about it.

That Guy will unironically free associate about your subject matter while also opining on the critical importance of high standards of rigor.

That Guy will somehow slip into conversation the fact that “not everyone” in the department is convinced they need a Deviant.

When he’s not actually talking, That Guy will doodle on his notepad while occasionally sighing theatrically. 

We can never be sure just what That Guy will do and this uncertainty is only half the adventure!  The rest of it is figuring out how to respond while neither laughing nor crying.  So, come to this session and marvel at That Guy while also learning valuable techniques of self-control and tactical conversational evasion.  

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