Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Annual Summer Wake

While other departments on campus are holding “Welcome Back” events for the new fall semester, here in the DoD we think it useful to take leave of summer before entertaining thoughts of welcoming the fall.  Consequently, this Friday we hold our annual wake in honor of the summer that was. 

We encourage all participants to bring along fond recollections, travel selfies, souvenir t-shirts, and, naturally, much melancholy.  Really, the only thing we forbid is the question, “Was your summer productive?” or any analogues concerning academically “useful” activity.  We have studied too much Zhuangzi to think that usefulness is all it’s popularly cracked up to be.  Besides, you can save all that conversation for the Dean’s party, where looking busy might win you more traction than here.

So, come help us lay the corpse of summer to rest.  Second line forms at 7 pm.  Oh, summer, we hardly knew ye!

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