Friday, May 20, 2016

DoD Inaugurates New Journal

The DoD is delighted to announce the creation of a new journal, The Journal Quixotic.  With no further ado, here are all the usuals.

JQ Scope
Our scope here at JQ is broad, welcoming work in all things deviant without restriction as to method or traditions.  Seriously – we’re not just yanking your chain about that.  We favor hearing things we’ve not heard before and so invite authors to find a windmill, then tilt at it.   

JQ Style
Authors should be aware that we here at JQ prefer to earn our sleep through hard work rather than through soporific prose.  We also ask that if you are going to use numbered lists or acronyms, you first enter into a prolonged period of mediation on the question:  Do I really need to do this?  If, after a week of considering this, you think these techniques essential, then it’ll be ok with us.

Citations should be in iambic pentameter.  And if all the work you’re citing was written by people you personally know or, worse, friends, we’re pretty sure you might want to read and cite more widely.

JQ Review Policies
Here at JQ, we decline the services of Reader 2.  That guy plainly needs to find something else to do.

We also forbid any referee from asking the question:  How is this paper deviant?  We here at JQ disapprove of corporal punishment, but still shouldn’t be tempted.

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