Monday, May 16, 2016

DoD Analogy Contest

Since the DoD perennially fails at defining what it is, what makes good deviance good, and how deviants ought to go about all things deviant, we’ve decided to forego further efforts at exact definition.  As many have pointed out, disciplinary integrity was being compromised by trying.  If we kept at it any longer, we were bound to become indistinguishable from Normality – start getting preoccupied with drawing tight conceptual and methodological boundaries and next thing you know, standards will have slipped and you’ll end with nothing but Normality.  So we’ve decided to host an analogy contest in which we attempt to assemble as many possible candidates for “what deviance is like” as possible.  We haven’t yet determined how the winning candidate will be selected but another snowball fight in the parking lot is looking pretty good.

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