Saturday, February 25, 2017

New Identity Crisis Kicks the Asses of All Prior Identity Crises

We here in the DoD have been on an unscheduled mental sabbatical prompted by the loss of our sense of humor following the U.S. election.  Indeed, we have been in the throes of an identity crisis that shut down all operations for a time.  For while our mission is to know more things, we realize that we didn’t in fact want to know THAT.  By THAT of course we mean ALL THAT, all the things that people are apparently equipped to accept and even embrace. Likewise, while we love a good swerve, that which takes thought and experience in some new and chaotic direction, we really weren't looking for things to plummet off a cliff.

So we here in the DoD have more than lost the thread, we’ve lost whole blankets.  Humor has given way to misanthropy and our ordinary curiosity about people and what they think is in retreat.  To cope with this, we have adopted as our therapeutic mantra something our grandmother used to tell us.  We (mentally) say to other people: "I'm gonna  slap you to sleep and then slap you for sleeping.”  This makes us feel marginally better, just as it used to do Grandma when she too was in high dudgeon.


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